One more time with single use CLs

Single use contact lenses are well suited to outdoor, summer lifestyles. Optician showcases some of the best products in the category

Johnson & Johnson says its Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day Multifocal is designed to provide visual clarity and all-day comfort. The combination of TearStable technology, OptiBlue light filter and Pupil Optimised Design built into the contact lens is said to provide clear, comfortable vision throughout and at the end of the day.  

Specifically, the company says TearStable technology provides all-day comfort to patients by prolonging tear film stability and retaining moisture. Meanwhile, the OptiBlue light filter, said to be the highest-level blue-light filter in the industry at 60%, reduces light scatter in order to increase visual clarity.  

According to J&J, this leads to improved distance vision quality, day and night. Finally, Pupil Optimised Design is said to optimise the optical design to the pupil size according to age and refractive power. 

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