Optegra Eye Health: Getting the message out

Optegra Eye Health care opened its doors in Guildford 10 years ago and since then has carried out more than 20,000 individual procedures. Chris Bennett finds out more from the hospital’s team

‘I think the public is unaware of what is possible,’ says Andy Willcocks, hospital director at Optegra in Guildford.

Optegra’s cool, calm air-conditioned environment is a welcome respite from the heatwave but it is also purposefully created by the specialist eye hospital group to enhance the experience of patients. Optegra prides itself on ‘just doing eyes’ and since opening (See Optician 05.09.08) it has carried out 8,700 general ophthalmology procedures along with 9,000 cataract surgeries and 2,240 refractive lens exchanges in Surrey alone. It is intraocular lens surgery that Willcocks refers to in his opening comment and it is a procedure he is excited about both as a refractive corrective option (refractive lens exchange) and for cataract patients (refractive cataract surgery).

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