Opti Munich: Sustainability Hub

Industry experts discuss opportunities and challenges around sustainability in optics

Opti’s Sustainability Hub presented the panel ‘Value to waste: Why our choices as an industry matter’, chaired by show organisers GHM’s sustainabilitymanager and marketing & PR lead, Nina Gassauer, to explore how the optics industry has the power to make positive impacts.

Francois van der Abeele, founder and CEO at Sea2See Eyewear, says there are tangible impacts we can see, such as social, environmental and financial impacts, but there is also the difference made to the consumer market. ‘Thanks to a pair of glasses you can convey a message and values that you’re trying to change the way things are being done. People become ambassadors thanks to that simple gesture of wearing those glasses.’

Carole Riehl, former optician and founder of Optic for Good, a sustainability consultancy working with optical manufacturers and opticians, says: ‘It’s my goal with Optic For Good to create a community between opticians, brands and consumers. With that, you can create a better way with more solutions.’

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