Planning ahead and reflecting

As the MyCPD site becomes accessible, Bill Harvey offers a reminder to set out your plans and prepare for future reflection

By the time you read this, the MyCPD section on the GOC website should be accessible and you can start your continuing professional development (CPD) plan for the next three-year cycle. This is, then, probably the time to remind all registrants of two newly mandatory features we will all must become familiar with.

Many readers working as employed ECPs will almost certainly be familiar with the concept of a personal development plan (PDP). Typically, this is something agreed annually with a line manager and forms the basis of a discussion focusing on your job role and development.

As part of the new GOC CPD programme, it is now a requirement to set up a PDP on the MyCPD website before being able to log any of your CPD points. The reason for this is that, unlike the old CET scheme, CPD is a way of thinking about your own particular professional role, consider what you want to achieve over the coming three years, and have something to refer back to as a gauge of how well you have progressed with your plan. The GOC offer a template (available on the MyCPD platform) to assist in your planning. Points to consider might include:

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