Planning for the unthinkable

Adam Bernstein extols the virtues of disaster planning

Few ever plan for the once in a lifetime flood, fire or, at the extreme, outbreak of a pandemic. But sadly, as the past few years have shown, the most unlikely of events can occur to the detriment of those they affect.

Consider the 2005 Buncefield Oil Depot explosion, which caused havoc in Hemel Hempstead. Six buildings were demolished and 30 more needed major repairs before they could be reoccupied. More recently, in March 2022, the damage to Gorseinon Eye Centre after a car driven by teenage girls, under the influence, reversed into the shop front.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue says that following a disaster, 25% of businesses never re-open, 80% of companies that do not recover in a month are likely to go out of business, and 75% of businesses without business continuity plans fail within three years.

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