Research spotlight: Concussion and vision screening

As part of our research spotlight series, which aims to highlight interesting pieces of optometry related research, Chris Koch describes findings from his recently published study which considered the links between concussion and vision

Over the past several years, I have given hundreds of baseline and post-injury concussion tests. Perhaps because I have more of a sensory and perception-oriented background, one of the things that has stood out about concussion tests is the lack of sensory-related information in the assessments.

Concussion tests primarily deal with memory and, to a lesser extent, attention. The recent clinical practice guidelines for concussion evaluation and treatment1 suggest that vision should be examined as part of the neurological evaluation.

Concussion symptom checklists do include a few items about vision (eg blurred vision, sensitivity to light) and hearing (eg sensitivity to noise). In addition, a recent update to the SCAT2 includes a three-item coordination and ocular/motor screen.

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