Research spotlight: Does dry eye get overlooked in visually impaired patients?

As part of our research spotlight series, Professor Kaleb Abbott discusses findings from his recently published study which investigated the prevalence of dry eye issues among individuals with visual impairment

Caring for visually impaired patients is often demanding, both in terms of time and complexity. Patients afflicted by severe vision loss may have advanced ocular disease, uncontrolled systemic disease, require multiple ocular medications, and need co-management with other medical specialties.

As a result, they generally require more chair time. With all these factors to consider, it is plausible, if not likely, that the ocular comfort of these patients may be unintentionally overlooked.

Such oversight could be to the detriment of these patients as dry eye not only causes symptoms of discomfort but also may cause fluctuating vision, decreased contrast sensitivity, higher order aberrations, and overall reduced visual quality.1-4

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