Researchers of the future – part 3

In the third article looking at the research undertaken by each of the finalists in this year’s CooperVision Student of the Year competition, Bill Harvey takes a look at the finalist based in Manchester

I would argue that almost all contact lens complications result from poor compliance. All too often instructions are misunderstood or ignored. This is one of the key reasons why internet supply of contact lenses or pharmacist supply of care systems are problematic as there is limited opportunity for eye care practitioners to ensure patients understand what they should be doing and can adapt this as appropriate over time. This, of course, does assume that the eye care practitioner is able to give the correct information.

Against this background, all of the judges were very keen to learn the outcome of a questionnaire-based study shortlisted as one of the CooperVision Student of the Year finalists. The aim was to see how well undergraduate optometrists and pharmacists adhered to the appropriate behaviours for full time wear of soft contact lenses.

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