Set your records straight

In the second part of an exclusive new series, the Optical Consumer Complaints Service’s Sue Clark explains the importance of keeping detailed records

Many of us neglect to consistently keep dispensing records and there are others who skip record keeping, thinking it is not as important as other parts of the job. But keeping detailed records can make our work life much easier, allowing us to work or delegate with greater efficiency and to pinpoint specific pieces of information when we need it.

There are times when a customer is left dissatisfied and records of what transpired can help us work out why they feel that way; it can help us decide whether we have made an error or whether the customer’s decision resulted in them selecting a suboptimal option against our recommendation. The Optical Consumer Complaints Service (OCCS) has encountered cases where record keeping lapses in relation to dispensing have made a case much more complicated to resolve and where missing pieces of information have affected the outcome of a complaint.

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