Seven ways: Styling your patients

TD Tom Davies managing director and eyewear stylist to the stars, Tom Davies, offers insight into fitting a patient with the perfect frame

1 Get to know the patient

Before you even start helping them pick out frames, try to have a chat. This should be a general ‘get to know you’ talk where you show an interest in their job, profession, what they wear and what kind of personality they have. Taking this time at the start shows them that you are taking their needs seriously and building a relationship with them at the start is going to help each of my other tips.

2 Quick reactions

People often like to show you their old frames and what they like – I prefer to start with a fresh canvas. A quick tour around your displays with the patient trying on different shapes and styles to see what looks good can often give them (and you) options that might never have been considered. It can be fun. Keep it quick and explain the idea ‘just to see what it looks like’. You will learn a lot about the patient in these early moments.

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