Software: Apps on the move

In the latest app review, Bill Harvey mentions some free downloads for tablets which should be particularly useful for use in the home

Clinical Tools

Name: Amsler Grids

Price: Free

The poor sensitivity of the Amsler and the rise of the OCT will see the total demise of the technique as a means of screening for macular degeneration. However, as a means of patient-centred monitoring of macular vision, and for purposes of patient understanding, I think the test will survive. I have started using a free app version (from Konan) of the Amsler grid on domiciliary visits and find that it has some obvious benefits. Firstly, the touchscreen makes it easier for a patient to record their visual distortions and blind areas. Secondly, electronic storage is much better than paper and I fail to see any reason for using a paper version any more.

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