Sports lenses: Safe and chic in the sun

Mike Hale rounds up the various lenses tailored for sport on the UK optical market


Individualised single vision lens

German lens manufacturer Rodenstock offers several sport lens products. For single vision users, Perfalit Sport lenses are constructed to take into account the position of the lenses in front of the eye, with a more wrap-around sports style compared to a traditional fitting. This design aims to eliminate aberrations and distortions caused by tilted lenses.

Impression Mono Sport 2 is an individualised single vision lens that aims to provide greater safety in sports due to the best possible spatial vision. Rodenstock says that the individual matching of visual fields guarantees sharp vision up to the edge of sports spectacles. Meanwhile, Impression 2 Sport, which according to Rodenstock was the world’s first individual progressive lens, is tailored to the dynamic vision demands of sports while allowing athletes to wear progressive lenses in fashionable sports frames.

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