Stronger together

Bill Harvey catches up with the president of the European Council for Optometry and Optics and hears his vision for a stronger future

The 10th annual European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) conference saw more than

500 attendees taking part in over 60 sessions and clinical workshops. An expanded programme represented science from Europe and the rest of the world and there was a noticeable expansion of new research discussions, poster presentations and scientific output.

Working for everybody

I managed to catch up with Academy president Eduardo Teixeira to discuss his claim that EAOO was continuing ‘our decade-strong tradition of engaging educators, students, researchers and practitioners working for better eye care in Europe’ and find out his views on future developments.

I began by asking him about the inter-professional make-up of the conference, as this year there were speakers and delegates representing all eye care professions. ‘If a country wants to properly address eye care services, they need to work with ophthalmologists, dispensing opticians, optometrists – everybody.’

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