Teaching teachers: a global approach

The International Association of Contact Lens Educators’ approach to raising standards of education worldwide has potential benefits for all those involved in contact lenses, as Shehzad Naroo and Alison Ewbank report

It is 9.30am on a Wednesday morning in the Peruvian capital, Lima. Guillermo Carrillo is beginning his weekly radio broadcast – IACLE in the World – to more than 100 educators and practitioners across 10 countries in Latin America, and in the US. This week’s topic for discussion by key opinion leaders in the region is opportunities for fitting children with contact lenses.

Meanwhile in the UK, Dr Raquel Gil Cazorla is delivering an interactive seminar on soft lens fitting to second-year students at Aston University, using the New IACLE Contact Lens Course and blended learning techniques.

Her students have already viewed a pre-recorded narrated lecture via the university’s virtual learning environment, allowing them to bring their own practical experiences and questions to the seminar. The interactive session is also recorded for students to play back.

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