Tech: Beat the Atlas

A report on the latest remote slit-lamp and a semi-automated lens inspection system

I first reported on the company Eyoto last year. Since its launch in 2013, as a spinout from my old alma mater Aston University, the Birmingham-based company Eyoto has evolved from software developer to equipment manufacturer and provider of technology solutions. Their speciality is in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, semi-automation, artificial intelligence and ophthalmic user interface design.

Since the lockdown, interest in new ways of providing care remotely, to minimise patient and clinician contact while maximising access to expertise, has never been stronger. Against this backdrop, Eyoto last year launched its Theia slit lamp system and a new semi-automated way of inspecting and verifying ophthalmic lenses, the Atlas. Both systems were on display at this year’s Mido conference and, for the first time, were set up for full user testing. This meant delegates were not only able to undertake a full slit-lamp assessment with the Theia, but were also challenged to ‘beat the Atlas’ with a traditional automated focimeter.

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