Tried and tested: Specsavers hearing test

We try out a hearing consultation at the Bromley branch of Specsavers

Optometry enjoys a high level of understanding among the public when it comes to a visit to the optician. Everyone is familiar with the basic eye examination, aside from the puff of air from the tonometer there are few surprises.

It fair to say less is known about a hearing consultation so Optician went along to Specsavers in Bromley to try it out. The first surprise is the ease with which a hearing test can be booked. A simple call where details are taken and then a slot, on the day or within hours is offered. Once in the consulting room my audiologist, Gina Rologan, asked a series of history and symptom questions with the emphasis on the effect on any hearing loss on daily life. Simple things like the volumes levels of the TV, hearing in crowded situations or against background noise. Each ear was then examined with an otoscope before a hearing test was conducted. I was fitted with a set of headphones and asked to press a trigger each time a tone is heard. This tests air conducted sound. The test is repeated for bone conducted sound with a headset which rests on the bone behind the ear. Both are repeated with background noise.

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