Tried & Tested: Eyejusters

Optician test drives Eyejusters variable focus ready readers

Variable focus eyewear is the kind of phrase to strike fear into the heart of an optician but Eyejusters is hoping to change all that.

The firm’s eponymous eyewear is billed as a quality alternative to ready readers so Optician decided to try it out. Eyejusters said its research showed people have many pairs of, sometimes variable quality, variable power, readers. Where Eyejusters hopes to differ is by offering quality readers that can be dialled in, from plano to +3.0D, to meet any reading need.

Off the shelf readers are freely available in outlets from garages to galleries, but Eyejusters, at around £70, may be more suitable as an optical product. There is no question that the variable focus mechanism does work. It is based on the Alvarez lens principle and the required power is dialled in using two small wheels next to the hinges. Adjustment is simple but the wheels are prone to move during cleaning or handling.

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