Truth or myth: Fitting soft toric lenses takes too much chair time?

This month, in our series looking at common myths concerning contact lenses, Junghee Seo and John Meyler look at whether soft torics are time consuming to fit

Figure 1: Results showing extent of agreement or disagreement with the statement ‘I usually do not offer soft toric contact lenses because fitting them takes too much communication and chair time.’ Data is from 2022 for all markets except Russia, which is from 2021

Soft toric contact lens prescribing rates have continuously increased over the past two decades. An international survey in 2011 reported that 23% of all soft contact lens fits were torics,1 which steadily increased to 28% by 2022.2

Despite this increasing trend, a wide range in toric lens prescribing levels remains between various countries. Toric lens prescribing rates range from a low of 14 to 18% in Lithuania and Japan, up to more than 50% in the Netherlands and Israel.2

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