Truth or myth: Monovision is best for presbyopic CL correction?

This month, in our series looking at common myths concerning contact lenses, Stephanie Wong and John Meyler look at whether monovision is a good place to start

Many spectacle wearers would prefer to experience the numerous benefits of contact lens wear assuming excellent vision and comfort could be achieved. Eye care professionals (ECPs) have multiple options when fitting a presbyopic patient with contact lenses.  

After considering their occupation and lifestyle, practitioners can choose between fitting single-vision distance contact lenses with additional reading glasses, monovision, or multifocal lenses.  

Although single-vision distance lenses are easy to fit, potentially less expensive, and provide good vision at both distance and near – albeit with the addition of reading spectacles – wearers can find it bothersome to require a separate pair of reading glasses and existing contact lens wearers would likely prefer to only reach for glasses as a back-up option.   

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