ABDO calls for feedback

Jo Holmes said the FBDO should prepare DO students for the roles of the future

ABDO has asked practitioners to provide feedback on the syllabus for its Fellowship Dispensing Diploma (FBDO) course as part of a move to ensure that student dispensing opticians are prepared for the roles of the future.

The organisation explained that factors such as the increasing prevalence of childhood myopia and an aging population will necessitate new areas being added to the syllabus.

Jo Holmes, ABDO president, said: ‘ABDO is working on the syllabus review with the aim of giving our students an excellent baseline with our FBDO qualification.’ Holmes said that the qualification should open up opportunities in fields such as paediatrics, myopia management, low vision and refraction.

She added: ‘We are offering sectors of the profession, as well as patients and the public, the opportunity to comment on the syllabus review and what the priorities should be, in their view, for the student dispensing opticians of the future.’

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