AOP finds 15.5% gender pay gap

AOP finds that women optometrists are paid 15.5% less than men

Association of Optometrists (AOP) has found that, on average, women optometrists are paid 15.5% less than men.

Coinciding with nationwide gender pay gap reporting this month, which is required from all businesses who employ over 250 people, research by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) conducted on behalf of the AOP, found big gaps between men and women’s salaries.

Even when control factors – such as experience, time in job and extra responsibilities – were taken into account, there was still a ‘significant pay gap’ between the sexes, the AOP have said.

Tony Stafford, AOP policy director, said: ‘The Government’s gender pay gap figures are very useful for showing the extent of inequality right across workplaces, where senior positions are often held by men. But they don't tell us if men and women are being paid differently for doing similar jobs.

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