Carbomer eye gels recalled

Brands of carbomer eye gel manufactured by Indiana Ophthalmics LLP and supplied from August to November have been recalled as a precaution due to possible microbiological contamination.

The eye gels AACARB, AACOMER and Puroptics, distributed by Trion Pharma, Essential Healthcare and Biovantic Pharma, respectively, have been recalled due to possible contamination by the Burkholderia cenocepacia bacteria.

Investigations and testing by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) identified a potential link to these specific eye gels, with alternative non-carbomer-containing lubricating products recommended as a precaution.

UKHSA considered the risk to the general public from Burkholderia cenocepacia to be ‘very low’, but some patient groups, such as individuals with cystic fibrosis, were at higher risk of adverse effects.

Healthcare professionals were recommended to stop supplying the affected gels to all patients, ask them to return any affected products and report any incidents.