CBD eye drop developed

Aston University developed a cannabidiol eye drop for pain relief of dry eye

Researchers from Aston University have developed a cannabidiol (CBD) eye drop that could provide patients with relief from symptoms of dry eye.

The Max Bio+ technology made oil soluble in water and was described as a clear, tasteless, odourless product manufactured without alcohol, surfactants or heat.

Sunil Shah, consultant ophthalmologist and professor at Aston University, co-founded Max Bio+ with philanthropist Sean Ngu. He said the breakthrough in mixing oil and water was a genuine gamechanger.

‘Just imagine how it can change the health industry by allowing the oral delivery of many drugs that currently have to be injected. Insulin is a prime example. This could spell the end of painful injections for thousands of diabetics. Then there are the eye drops and myriad ways to add CBD to food and beverages without compromising on taste,’ Shah said.

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