Colleague pays tribute after death of optometrist Sydney Bush

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Optometrist and researcher Dr Sydney Bush has died in Spain at the age of 90

Optometrist and researcher Dr Sydney Bush has died in Spain at the age of 90.

A tribute to the Hull-based practitioner was published by medical author Dr Gifford-Jones last week.

He praised Dr Bush for a ‘monumental finding’ through retinal images that vitamin C and lysine could prevent and even reverse the aging of arteries.

Dr Bush caused controversy at the turn of the decade in his practice of nutritional preventative cardioretinometry, and was landed with GOC ban in 2013.

But Dr Gifford-Jones said: ‘During my 43 years of writing this column I have never devoted a memoriam to a colleague. But one is needed for Dr Sydney Bush. In part, I’ll miss his presence. But more important, his scientific discovery should have been awarded the Nobel Prize. And it could yet save millions of lives from cardiovascular disease.

‘His was the old story of the establishment refusing to accept new ideas. In fact, more to the point, it didn’t even want to listen, particularly certain medical specialties. For instance, if you were a cardiologist, would you want to be told that vitamin C and lysine, natural remedies, are more effective, less expensive, and one hundred percent safer than cholesterol-lowering drugs? Or, if you were a cardiac surgeon, to be told that taking vitamin C and lysine could decrease the number of arterial bypass operations?

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