COO shares winter eye care advice

The College of Optometrists shares how to protect vision during the cold season

The College of Optometrists (COO) has published winter eye care advice informing the public of heightened risks to vision during the cold season.

When maintaining healthy eyes during increased screentime, the COO recommended correctly positionally computer screens; minimising any distracting reflections in your screen; and practicing the 20/20/20 rule regularly and blinking regularly to prevent dryness.

It also highlighted the need for good lighting as days become shorter, use of sunglasses to protect eyes from reflective snow and ice and cautioned against overuse of central heating for dry eye sufferers.

Denise Voon, clinical adviser at COO, commented: ‘During the winter, we tend to spend more time indoors, which undoubtedly means more screen time – especially for those who are working from home too. Although there is no evidence to suggest increased time on the computer damages your vision, you may find it tiring to look at a monitor for long periods of time.’

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