Eco Eyewear releases carbon footprint report



Sustainable frames company Eco Eyewear conducted a study into the comparable greenhouse emissions associated with the production of biobased material, recycled metal and ocean plastic.

The 2023 Carbon Footprint Report, initiated by Eco Eyewear to understand its environmental impact, revealed that each frame contributed an average of 1,482kg of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Biobased frames had a carbon footprint CO2 measurement of 1,703kg, recycled metal frames measured 1,447kg and ocean plastic frames measured 1,296kg.

In adherence to ISO standards on Life Cycle Assessment, the analysis encompassed the complete life cycle from raw material production, transportation, packaging, distribution and end-of-life management.

Eco Eyewear said that ‘carbon Footprint is a crucial environmental indicator that measures the direct and indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions produced by a company or a product, facilitating an understanding of its impact on climate change.’

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