OFNC consults on PPV guidance

It worked to ensure a sensible and evidence-based approach was taken

The Optometric Fees Negotiating Committee consulted on the new Post Payment Verification (PPV) guidance for GOS to ensure it took a sensible and evidence-based approach, monitored outcomes and enforced PPV underpayments were paid.

The NHS England and NHS Business Services Authority have published new guidance that aimed to standardise the PPV process nationally to ensure it was ‘fair, consistent and proportionate’ and will improve value for money and quality.

This will result in a risk-based and targeted approach to contractor selection, inclusion of a smaller number of practices with reviewal of a larger number of claims, and access to local and national benchmarking data so contractors can compare against others.

The OFNC said: ‘We advise all providers and clinicians to ensure record cards clearly show why an early retest was necessary, and where there has been a dispensing supplement claimed, such as a prism or a tint has been claimed, that the clinical reason for prescribing is clearly defined and easy to find on the record.’

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