Positive Impact release fingertip eye drops

An eye drops applicator called Magic Touch has been launched by Positive Impact, which is said to easily carry eye drops into the eye without creating a mess.

Patients apply a drop to the fingertip device and capillary action makes the drop ‘jump’ onto the eye at the slightest touch. Positive Impact said Magic Touch would make tilting the head back when applying eye drops a thing of the past.

Developed by ophthalmologist Dr Julius Shulman, the device is made from medical grade silicone and contains a patented silver ion antimicrobial agent to eliminate 99.99% of microbes.

‘I developed Magic Touch to eliminate the wasteful hit or miss manner of tilting the head back to instil eye drops and to ensure that every costly drop of eye medicine gets into the eye where it can do its job,’ Dr Shulman said.  

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