Research offers hope for discomfort

A trial found CL irritability could be alleviated using heated eye compresses

A clinical trial found contact lens discomfort among soft contact lens wearers could be treated with the Eye Doctor Premium Heated Eye Compress and Tea Tree Lid Wipes.

‘Statistically significant improvements’ in many symptoms were identified after using the products, which enabled longer contact lens wear.

The trial involved 11 contact lens wearers, of which 10 completed a dry eye questionnaire to evaluate comfort scores after following the Eye Doctor regime.

Andrew Price, the Body Doctor’s head of professional services, who conducted the trial, said: ‘We know over 75% of patients will discontinue contact lens wear at one time or another due to discomfort. We also know dry eye, marginal dry eye and blepharitis eye are risk factors for contact lens discomfort. Patients with contact lens-related dry eye may complain of dryness, discomfort, irritation, or a foreign body sensation, with up to 50% of soft contact lens wearers complaining of dryness.

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