Silhouette sends spectacles to space

Silhouette has partnered with aspiring astronaut, Alyssa Carson, who modelled the Austrian eyewear brand’s LaLigne frame from its Titan Minimal Art collection.

Carson wears the frame in a photoshoot with fashion photographer Alex Seifert as part of Silhouette’s campaign to support young and empowered women.

The special edition range featured an oversized cat’s eye model with neon-colouring inspired by graphic eyeliner that is given a distinctive, three-dimensional look with accent rings.

Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art collection is made from lightweight titanium, which is why it has been worn by 73 astronauts on missions to space.

The eyewear brand said its hingeless and screwless design reduced the risk of parts becoming loose in space, while also being impervious to fluctuations in momentum and G-forces.