The Body Doctor: Mist relief

A easy-to-use spray for relief from dry eye symptoms has been released

An easy-to-use spray for relief from dry eye symptoms launched by the Eye Doctor is said to be preservative-free, make-up resistant and suitable for use with contact lenses.

The brand’s Intensive Relief Eye Mist for persistent dry eyes, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis is designed to stabilise and protect the tear film. The mist treats and alleviates eye irritations by repairing damage to the tear film caused by external and environmental conditions.

Sue Grant, the Body Doctor’s managing director, said: ‘Severe and persistent dry eye conditions can be caused by central heating, air conditioning, smoke, dust, pollen or after eye surgery, leaving eyes with irritation, burning or a foreign-body sensation. The new Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Mist provides rapid relief and is a fantastic alternative to eye drops for those who struggle with application.’

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