Transitions Gen S heralds new era for photochromic lenses

Over 1,300 eye care professionals (ECPs) from around the world descended on Orlando recently (February 11-13) for the Transitions Optical Academy 2024 and the launch of the company’s new Gen S dynamic photochromic lens.

More than five years in the making, Transitions Optical global vice president, innovation, technology and operations Dr Brian O’Neill, said Gen S was the result of a ‘no compromise’ attitude towards research and development. Some 450 prototype lenses were produced in the development of Gen S, with a team of more than 150 scientists, added O’Neill.

The new lens combines three core elements of performance, Gen Speed, Gen Style and Gen Smart. During the launch, Transitions said Gen S was the fastest dark lens in the clear to dark photochromic category – activating outdoors in just two seconds, reaching category three darkness in 25 seconds, and fading back to fully clear in less than two minutes.

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