Tree planting offsets frame manufacturing

Eco Eyewear, which is part of the Modo Group, has become carbon negative because of the 3,316,270 trees it planted to offset its eyewear production.

A total of 154m kilograms of CO2 was offset through the brand’s 15-year partnership with Trees for the Future.

Alessandro Lanaro, Modo CEO, said: ‘I am extremely excited to add this very fundamental element of carbon negativity to our already sustainable Eco brand. We are the only eyewear brand in the world to offer virtually every sustainable eyewear and packaging materials and now we are also carbon negative.

‘We have become the brand that gives back more than what it takes. What an incredible feeling for our customers and final consumers, knowing that by purchasing our products they’ll contribute positively to the environment. It is a very proud milestone for all of us at Eco.’

Trees for the Future said Eco contributed to 1,069 forest gardens for a total of 1,069 restored acres and alleviated poverty for 8,553 farmers and their families.