Under 35s splash cash on vision correction

OCL Vision has found out how much young people spend on vision correction

Young people in the UK spend over £100 more on correcting their vision than those aged over 35, according to research commissioned by Ophthalmic Consultants of London (OCL) Vision.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults found people aged 18 to 34 spend £293 a year on spectacles and contact lenses

In this age group, 26% said they did not regard clear vision as an important concern when choosing vision correction while 91% of over 55s said it was very important.

However, 71% of young people surveyed said cost had made them consider other options and 42% said they would have laser eye surgery if they could afford it.

Dr Allon Barsam, consultant laser surgeon at OCL Vision, said: ‘If you feel your eyesight has suffered lately, it’s important to have an eye test to assess your vision and eye health before deciding what’s the best and most comfortable way to correct your vision.’

OCL Vision has launched an interactive tool that provided insight into the annual costs associated with vision correction and how it compares to surgical solutions.

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