Viral TikTok trends risk blindness

Specific 'challenges' on TikTok could be putting sight at risk

Social media users taking part in ‘TikTok challenges’ on the popular video sharing app could be risking their sight, said Specsavers optometrist Nigel Best.

The viral trends that could be risking participants’ sight include one ‘challenge’ where bleach, hand sanitiser, jelly and shaving cream are mixed in a bag and then held up to the eyes in an attempt to lighten them.

Another involved an attempt to change the participant’s eye colour from brown to blue on video by recording from a close distance with a smartphone’s torch turned on, and then applying a specific filter. A video posted demonstrating how to do this received over 11,000 likes and received one comment that said: ‘Girl I went blind, and it still doesn’t work.’

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