Zeiss hosts customer UV awareness event

​Zeiss holds interactive customer education event

Zeiss celebrated its successful UV awareness campaign with an interactive customer education event this week.

Held in Leadenhall Building, London, on August 28, special guests Dr Pixie McKenna and Boris Dejonckheere as well as Zeiss partners and customers received expert talks on the dangers of UV and the importance of protecting yourself from it.

There were also Zeiss experience areas, which included hands-on interactions for guests about the science behind the UV protection in current lens standards and a virtual reality application that allowed visitors to see what it is like to have cataracts.

Dr McKenna said: ‘It’s important to get across to patients that UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and often irreversible. Chronic conditions are deceptive because they happen very slowly, and patients are unlikely to notice the changes as they happen.’

Boris Dejonckheere, vice president of sales development for rapidly emerging markets, added: ‘Because most people are aware of how UV effects their skin, helping them to expand this awareness to their eyes generally doesn’t take too much explanation. Then you’re offering patients a product that can effortlessly protect their health.’

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