Bill Harvey: Now that we’ve found love

Bill Harvey
Optician invites ECPs to take part in the survey to help the follow-up work from TFOS DEWS II

Another Glastonbury over, another microbial keratitis averted. Thanks to whomsoever you believe in for daily disposables.  

Since the original DEWS (Dry Eye Workshop) report, way back in 2007, the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) have brought together experts from around the world with the aim of ensuring a better understanding of, initially, the composition and regulation of the pre-ocular tear film.  

Ongoing analysis of the literature led to the DEWS2 papers and, more recently, the papers on the impact of lifestyle on the ocular surface.  

A key player in TFOS, Professor James Wolfssohn, got in touch last week. An important part of TFOS reviews includes taking on board eye care professionals’ experiences in practice.  

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