Bill Harvey: Space ritual

Bill Harvey

Apart from advancing understanding of cardiovascular disease, improving care for osteoporosis, supporting vaccine development, learning how viruses (such as Varicella-zoster) are activated, aiding the design of water purification and filtration technology, advancing understanding of motor function and assisting with the design of modern prosthetics and robotics, finding ways of treating asthma, and adding to our understanding of ageing; what has space travel ever done for us?  

I mulled this over while doing up my Velcro shoes after enjoying a Teflon-fried vegan egg substitute. I hope you enjoyed the space-related CPD. 

On a different note, it is that time of year where a flurry of practice-based assessments come to a close. A time where I always find it useful to consider the latest questionable trends among our trainee optometrists, some of which can become embedded into general practice behaviour later on if left unchecked.  

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