Chris Bennett: Time to move the conversation forwards

Chris Bennett
​What do you think are the big issues that need to be discussed? Have your say

What do you think are the big issues that need to be discussed and what should the profession be concentrating on to secure its future?

Well now you have the chance to say – at the Alconversation. Alcon is hosting a Question Time style event at which the burning questions of the day will be discussed. If you have a question you want answered jot it down and sent it to me at opticianeditor@markallengroup.com and I’ll do my best to get a response.

Tackling issues is becoming a bit of a theme in optics lately. There was a time when most meetings were pretty pallid affairs. A lot of talking took place but little was said. A great example of how things have changed was the recent General Optical Council quarterly meeting. It wasn’t quite 12 Angry Men but Scott Mackie did his damnedest to turn the room around to his way of thinking with a passionate and wholeheartedly genuine plea to change the status quo.

When pressed on the speed of change new chief executive, Vicky McDermott, was open to question if the timetable was right, the chair, Gareth Hadley was happy to accept that the GOC hadn’t always got things right.

Even the usually sedate autumn seminars have been brandishing the fire in the face of corporate monsters. Janan Choudhury’s tirade against the behemoths of the optical world was one of the highlights of Independents Day. It was exactly the kind of sentiment that is voiced at the bar late at night but never makes it to the rostrum.

2018 is shaping up to be the year when the status quo is no longer acceptable. People have grown tired of sleepy leadership and inertia setting the pace, change is back in fashion.

Why not help that process along and send me your questions?