Simon Jones: Back to square one

News that Marsha de Cordova’s bill for a national eye health strategy won’t have a second reading in the current parliamentary session is both disappointing and frustrating in equal measures. 

The likes of the Association of Optometrists, Thomas Pocklington Trust, and companies such as Specsavers and Roche had supported de Cordova’s bill to the hilt, but by a cruel twist of fate, the second reading stage was cancelled after it was confirmed King Charles would make his speech to Parliament to outline the government’s upcoming legislative plans on November 7.  

With Cordova’s bill scheduled for November 24, it was automatically cancelled, and with no automatic carry over to the next parliament session, the bill will have to be resubmitted and possibly heard some time in 2024. Even then, that’s based on the assumption that de Cordova has the time, patience and inclination to resubmit the strategy after what must be an incredibly frustrating process for her. 

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