Simon Jones: Glaringly obvious problems


Recent news (Optician 12.4.24) that the Department for Transport intends to carry out an investigation into the impact of glare from car headlights will be welcomed by most drivers and their passengers, but it will be some time before there are any meaningful changes from the automotive world.

Headlight design is already governed by international legislation, yet problems persist, and new regulations that will make automatic headlight levelling mandatory on new cars sold in the UK don’t come into force until September 2027. It also doesn’t address the issues drivers have with the vehicles of today.

LED lights also remain popular with vehicle manufacturers because ordinary drivers feel safer on the roads with greater volumes of illumination, and by and large, think their safety trumps the safety of other road users. Just look at the reasons for the increase in popularity of SUVs – which also cause more glare thanks to bright light and elevation.

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