Simon Jones: Positive politics

You may have noticed a sense of pessimism in my op-eds when it comes to eye health and, well, pretty much anything to do with the current government. But something seems different now and, dare I say it, I’m feeling rather positive.

Barring a miraculous Conservative campaign recovery, it now looks certain that Labour will form the next government. The party has been quite vocal about its intentions for community optometry, and shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has recently been on the media rounds talking about using that additional capacity to drive down waiting lists.

Speaking on LBC, Streeting’s terminology caught my attention. I’m sure the flip-flopping between ‘high street opticians’ and ‘Specsavers’ was just down to the cut and thrust of the general election campaign and nothing to do with his meeting with the multiple. Nonetheless, it would be nice if any new scheme under a Labour government utilised the whole of the optometric private sector and not just part of it.

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