The Consulting Room: We need to talk about lenses

A t 100% Optical in February, I was pleased to talk about how we manage choices for patients having cataract surgery. Patient choice about where you are referred for treatment is a well enshrined policy and remains popular. We are moving from a time where everything in relation to eye surgery was delivered in a big hospital setting to one where day surgery units close to home are allowing access to the most modern facilities for treatment.

A large part of our time in clinic is spent describing to patients their choices for vision correction after cataract surgery. I think it is important for optometry colleagues to understand what is achievable for patients and to have a good understanding of the benefits and potential drawbacks of any choices. We are increasingly trying to improve our patients’ knowledge of surgery and we will send them leaflets prior to clinic appointments about what to expect and explaining the options available. A ‘lens & lifestyle’ questionnaire is a useful adjunct to allow us to understand our patients’ wishes prior to outpatient visits and I feel this really adds to the value of our clinic conversations.

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