Viewpoint: B******s to Brexit

Tom Davies takes his own highly personal look on the bright side of Brexit

No matter what side of the Brexit tribe you are on at least I can point to one thing we can all agree on – we are all sick to death of it.

Someone was saying to me it was just like supporting your football team, but it isn’t at all. There is no joy in talking about Brexit like-minded or not. In fact, my eyes are stinging with boiling tears as I am writing this.

What is the effect of Brexit on an eyewear business, be it the optician or humble spectacle designer? We all know about car companies and their supply chains. We know that tomatoes might be off the menu for a few months. We know that no one will be picking our English Cox apples next season, but what are the issues Brexit will throw up to opticians and exporters of eyewear?

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