Viewpoint: Diary of a spectacle designer

Tom Davies ponders the role of personal brands in eyewear

This month I’ve been thinking about brands and branding. I wouldn’t say it’s been bothering me, but I have been feeling rather reflective this past half year or so and I’m finding myself spending a lot of time on my personal brand and the brands in my portfolio of eyewear.

I’ve been getting a bit of attention recently. For the first time since I started this adventure nearly 22 years ago, people have been asking to buy my business. I’m on the third interested party in the past eight months.

I always have a sniff, you know, just to see what I’m worth but then I ask myself the real question which is ‘what on earth would I do?’ Gardening? Sailing? Snoozing? No, I am Tom Davies and I love my brand.

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