Viewpoint: Keeping up ap‘peer’ances...

Mentoris talks AI and how humans in the optical sector can find the mindset to be less fearful and work in unison with the advancing technology

This month, on one of the forums I participate in, Chat GPT was one of the topics of conversation. Contributors were playing around with a well-known artificial intelligence (AI) program to produce amusing limericks, poems and ditties.  

This amusement led to members asking said program to produce articles on subjects such as how sunglasses protect your eyes, or why regular eye exams are important.  

These were incredibly accurate and well written articles, which some members felt they could use (with some tweaking) in their practice newsletters and patient communications.  

Participants unfamiliar with this technology were blown away by the speed and accuracy of the articles, leading to the question ‘will AI take over our profession?’. 

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