Interview: Delivering therapeutics

Healome Therapeutics CEO discusses the potential of its new dry eye gel formulations

Andrew McClean: Who founded Healome Therapeutics?

Richard Williams: The company was founded by me, Professor Liam Grover, Professor Tony Metcalfe, and Dr Richard Moakes while we were at the Healthcare Technologies Institute (HTI), University of Birmingham. I moved over to the company to take up the CEO position.

AM: Why was the company established?

RW: The founders’ ambition has been to develop technologies that enable people to live healthier and more independent lives. While we were at the Healthcare Technologies Institute, University of Birmingham, we developed technologies for delivering therapeutics around the body and the ability to manufacture them to clinical grade. This was an ideal environment to support some of the riskiest development stages from a private sector perspective. However, onward delivery to market at scale requires substantial capital feeding into an organisation focused on the vision, hence, Healome Therapeutics was formed.

AM: What are Healome’s aims in the dry eye market?

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