Myopia Guide: Day and Night CLs

The latest data on the efficacy of the Menicon Bloom Myopia Control Management System

The Menicon Bloom Myopia Control Management System was introduced a few years back, and is unique in its use of a combination of rigid corneal and soft contact lenses. The system features two components: Menicon Bloom Day, an extended depth of focus daily disposable soft contact lens (made of etafilcon A) with CE-approval specifically for myopia progression control (figure 1); and Menicon Bloom Night, the first CE-approved orthokeratology rigid corneal contact lens for myopia control management in Europe (figure 2). The lens is made of the hyperpermeable Menicon Z material.

Initial data supported the efficacy, safety and acceptance of Menicon Bloom Day and Menicon Bloom Night as successful treatment options for myopia control. One retrospective case series analysis, from 10 practice locations in the US, analysed data from 32 patients (ages six to 19 years), and showed Menicon Bloom Day to significantly slow myopia progression in children1. A follow-up retrospective analysis involving 15 practice locations in the US, which analysed data from 192 patients who wore Menicon Bloom Day lenses for about six years, further supported the efficacy of this unique myopia control lens in slowing myopia progression (Menicon Data on File, 2021).

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