Essential contact lens practice – interactive 1

Closing Date: 03/09/2021

At the end of last year, Optician published part 10 of the Essential Contact Lens Practice series.1 The article focused upon the contact lens correction of presbyopia. Dr Rachel Hiscox and Dr Louise Madden discussed the various designs of presbyopic contact lenses, offered advice on patient selection and the management of expectations, went through the various steps of the fitting process, and offered advice on each of the various options. The aim was to highlight how careful lens selection and patient assessment, both in terms of clinical data and personality and behavioural traits, are key in ensuring successful future contact lens wear. This is of particular significance when one remembers the still low uptake of this modality of correction among the presbyopic population, despite significant advances in optical design and lens materials.


In this exercise, the article acts as source material for a discussion. It is available here ( After familiarising yourself with the article, you will be asked to complete some multiple choice questions. Once completed successfully, you will then be asked to undertake a discussion (of more than ten minutes) with a similarly qualified colleague concerning the following case scenario.