Ayrshire-based Urquhart Opticians has teamed up with a local 3D printing specialist to develop a project that will lead to customised eyewear for its patients.

The first prototype frames, printed using a machine from Ivory Solutions, have been created to set an initial benchmark. The two firms are now working on refining the application to create comfortable, perfectly fitting frames.

The collaboration came about following a chance meeting between Peter Telfer of Urquhart Opticians and Ian Ivory of Ivory Solutions at a local business networking meeting.

Peter Telfer of Urquhart Opticians said: ‘The project is very much in its early stages, but we’re thrilled to be working with another local business to explore how this emerging technology can enhance our patient experience.

'When I met Ian Ivory (of Ivory Solutions) earlier this year, I was fascinated to learn of the recent advances in 3D printing. We quickly realised the potential this technology could have for optometry.

‘3D technology has the potential to greatly augment best-fit with bespoke frames, created to fit the patient perfectly by considering every contour of your face shape. Much work will be required to develop this, but we’re excited to be working with another Kilmarnock business to explore these exciting possibilities.’

Ian Ivory of Ivory Solutions added: ‘Our first prototype has now been 3D printed and we are looking forward to refining it together with the team at Urquhart Opticians.’